Wednesday, April 5, 2017

iPhone Application development through Xcode - Part 1 -Development Machine Setup

Hi All,

Today we are going to setup environment for the development of iPhone application.


1. Install Xcode  - Go to Appstore - type xcode.

2. First problem statement:- 

Xcode can’t be installed on “MACINTOSHD” because OS X version 10.12 or later is required.

3. Upgrade existing OS - Latest version of Xcode required 10.12

Go to App-feature and find out the latest OS  mscOS Sierra - 10.12.4


Installation completed, Now here is the latest OS - check click on Apple icon in the menu bar - then about this apple.

Install Xcode again - Go to app store and type Xcode
Required cost while installing Xcode.

Download completed - start installation.
Installation in progress.
Xcode installation completed, below would be the stating screen.

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