Sunday, March 19, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 – A quick intro and walk-through for new features.

1   Setup and Quick walk through

Link to download latest visual studio 2017

There are total three versions:- Which one to choose – Are those all free to download and use? Let’s explore this.

1.      Visual Studio Community 2017 RC - Free
2.      Visual Studio Professional 2017 RC
3.      Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 RC

Let’s start the free Community 2017 RC 

Question1:- What is different in these versions?

1.1      A new look and options to install

Mobile, and Gaming is altogether is a new/enhanced section – should be explore really.

Installation is in progress.

1.1      It’s definitely very quicker and fast

It's really very exciting - I have just explored some of the key features and wanted to share through this video

I am impressed with the new performance – fast loading time and new UI to choose only required IDE tools

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