Sunday, March 26, 2017

Schedule Publish/UnPublish Best practices

Publishing best practices
Schedule Publishing/UnPublishing
Architecture and customization
-Jitendara Soni

1 Introduction

For scheduling and unpublished content based on the upcoming dates is a key area for the Architecture to take the right decision, even to agree for the initial discussion,
Here, it’s an attempt to cover – What is default is Sitecore and what all are the must required changes/customization.
Example – Scheduling.

2 Schedule publishing and unpublishing – Best Practices.

Schedule publishing and unpublishing scenarios.

Scneaion after enabling the future publishing job, as example below

3.1 Scenario 1 – Create an item without any worklow.

Item will be published.

3.2 Scenario 1.1 – Create second version of that item without any workflow

Second item will automatically published.

3.3 Scenario 1.1 – never publish setup without any workflow.

Set never publish to this items – let see if this item automatically disappear or not
It would be quickly deleted.

3.4 Scenario 2.1 – Create item with workflow

It will be published after approval

3.5 Scenario 2.2 – Create new version of workflow items

After approval for next 5 minutes, previous content will be moved.

3.6 Scenario 2.3 – Schdule multiple item through publish menu-change options

Here multiple item can be defined, below are the details

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