Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to check website all backend platform and technology?

To verify all the backend technology OS - BuildWith can be used.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Schedule Publish/UnPublish Best practices

Publishing best practices
Schedule Publishing/UnPublishing
Architecture and customization
-Jitendara Soni

1 Introduction

For scheduling and unpublished content based on the upcoming dates is a key area for the Architecture to take the right decision, even to agree for the initial discussion,
Here, it’s an attempt to cover – What is default is Sitecore and what all are the must required changes/customization.
Example – Scheduling.

2 Schedule publishing and unpublishing – Best Practices.

Schedule publishing and unpublishing scenarios.

Scneaion after enabling the future publishing job, as example below

3.1 Scenario 1 – Create an item without any worklow.

Item will be published.

3.2 Scenario 1.1 – Create second version of that item without any workflow

Second item will automatically published.

3.3 Scenario 1.1 – never publish setup without any workflow.

Set never publish to this items – let see if this item automatically disappear or not
It would be quickly deleted.

3.4 Scenario 2.1 – Create item with workflow

It will be published after approval

3.5 Scenario 2.2 – Create new version of workflow items

After approval for next 5 minutes, previous content will be moved.

3.6 Scenario 2.3 – Schdule multiple item through publish menu-change options

Here multiple item can be defined, below are the details

Pipeline Execution:-

Note :-  For any execution and logic for the pipeline execution below information will be usefull.

We wanted to process some date modification on pipeline and used itemCompleted pipeline but that will only triggered once for all language versions, then have to move our code to itemProcessing pipelines.


ItemProcessing - this will be executed for all language versions. Let's say if you have one content for five languages then it will be executed for five time, You code should handle to be executed for one or multiple time based on your field type Shared or not.

Pipeline processing End :- This will be executetd only one time, let's say if you have content published for five languages it will be executed once.

Piple line end: this will also be executed once as Pipeline process End

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 – A quick intro and walk-through for new features.

1   Setup and Quick walk through

Link to download latest visual studio 2017

There are total three versions:- Which one to choose – Are those all free to download and use? Let’s explore this.

1.      Visual Studio Community 2017 RC - Free
2.      Visual Studio Professional 2017 RC
3.      Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 RC

Let’s start the free Community 2017 RC 

Question1:- What is different in these versions?

1.1      A new look and options to install

Mobile, and Gaming is altogether is a new/enhanced section – should be explore really.

Installation is in progress.

1.1      It’s definitely very quicker and fast

It's really very exciting - I have just explored some of the key features and wanted to share through this video

I am impressed with the new performance – fast loading time and new UI to choose only required IDE tools

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sitecore:- How to exclude particualr .DLL from the TDS package.

From my previous blog

Hi folks,

Today, We got different scenario where our client was expecting the TDS package but that should not have some common.dll.

Problem :- If we create the solution without that dll then it will not be build.

Solutions :-

TDS has a feature to exclude the respective dll's