Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Key consideration while working with the Sitecore Support team and changes after 8.2 or later versions.

Sitecore support team perform well in most critical situations and it depends on the support package and licensing model,

They have recently automated the process to share the files and configuration, Here in this section, I will try to cover below points.

1. Support Programs offered by Sitecore and how this model work.
2. Key consideration and best practices to avoid delay.
3. Tips and key points from my past learning.
4. Changes after 8.2 or later versions.

Support Programs offered by Sitecore 

Sitecore has a support model and it depends on your license like which model you fit in, they also provide 24/7 premium support for critical items.

Here are some categories. Severity level - Critical, High, Medium and Low.

More details can be found here-

Key consideration -

1. First, try to replicate this issue on Vanilla setup, You may create a video clip or capture the proper screenshots.
2. Always provide the complete details and steps if required.
3. Choose the right category, Sitecore version, and OS details.
4.  Share the basic information - You can find more details here  -

Requierd files are -
 - "Web.config" file;
 - "/App_Config" folder contents;
 - "Data/logs" folder contents (Sitecore log files).

If you are using Sitecore version 8.2 or later then follow this link- to learn about an automatic way of collecting this information
Please consider consulting the following article to learn about an automatic way of collecting this information:

5. Please upload files larger than 10 MB to the Sitecore Support FTP server:

Tips and key points from my past learning.

1. For random behavior try to capture some video clip and that will help to provide the exact scenario and details.

2. For most critical items/ or failure try to provide some offline time to support team to come up with there finding/observation or resolution. We may ask for the call but sometimes working in offline model work very well.

3. If there are more then 4-5 conversation and still not able to clear about the problem statement, Try to request a direct call or setup for gotomeeting.

Changes after 8.2 or later versions.

Sitecore has recently added a new option to send all required files automatically to the support team to diagnose the issue.

Generally, Before this option, In case of any major issue, Sitecore support team first ask was to provide all the configuration in below format.

The basic information about your instance as described in the article ( :
 - "Web.config" file;
 - "/App_Config" folder contents;
 - "Data/logs" folder contents (Sitecore log files).

Click on the support package link.

Select the duration of the configuration and log files here.

Click next button.

You will get an option to choose the required files and configurations.

You can choose basic and advanced information, In case of random or major issues, it would be helpful to send all the basic and advanced files.

A package will be generated based on your selection.

You can download your package to verify that correction information or to keep a copy with you or can upload to the FTP

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sitecore - Quick steps to setup Sitecore client in different languages.

Although I have covered localization of site and role in a separate article, but here wanted to provide details for the Sitecore client Multilanguage feature.

Complete details for Role and multilingual setup

Sample Sitecore client for Japanese language.

I have been using this feature and here are the simple steps.

Login into Sitecore -

Create a User and go to language settings.

There are two option - First is to setup the Sitecore Client language and second is to setup the content level default langauge.

Setup this language to Japenese and login again by new user.

Menu items.

For the user specific access, this can be setup through the right access manager.

Practical Video.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Rendering Parameters - Experience editor - Step by step for the implementation.

Although, I am sure all reader know this very will but here wanted to add some key points.

Rendering parameters can be used to pass parameters to sitecore presentation components. Basically tey are used to control the presentation of the component by these parameters.

Key benefits:-

1.      No need to maintain content separately.
2.      Easy to use.
3.      Real feature of WYSWIG editor.
4.      Editorial team love it.
5.      Design at the design time and multiple variant/combination can be easily verified.

Create a rendering.
Create a template and add appropriate fields like size ( Single line text) and Heading (Siingle Line text)
Change the base tempalate to standard rendering parameters.

         Now go to rendering section and provide the reference of this template.

      Now if we go to experience editor, this parameter will be there, Add the rendereing parameter values.

      These values can be consumed on the rendering by simply below code.

@using Sitecore.Web.UI.WebControls;
@using Sitecore.Web;
    string heading = string.Empty, test = string.Empty;
    var renderingParam = Sitecore.Mvc.Presentation.RenderingContext.CurrentOrNull;
    if (renderingParam != null)
        var parms = renderingParam.Rendering.Parameters;
        heading = parms["Heading"];
        test = parms["Test"];

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Key takeaway points – SUGUK Manchester– 6th Dec 2017

I got a chance to host this complete event in Manchester on 6th Dec 2017, I  would like to say thanks to Martin, Jeremy Davis, Steve and other key members who contributed and attended this session.

Here is the key take away points for this session.

Speakers – Jitendra Soni – Sitecore 9 Key features.
Covered below points –
  1. How to install Sitecore 9 and key troubleshooting.
  2. Sitecore 9 Forms, Key points, and practical session.
  3. A quick overview of Sitecore data exchange framework.
  4. xConnect – A quick overview and sample project.
  5. Role-based configuration – Key benefit and take away points.
  6. Sitecore JSS and truly headless concept – Open discussion.
  7. Marketing Automation.
  8. Sitecore Cortex.
  9. Sitecore experience commerce.
  10. Horizon.
  11. Zenith.
  12. Open question and answers.
Speaker – Adam Seabridge -Content Migrator
  1. Using Content Migrator for Automated Content Syncs.
  2. Community created tool to sync content to different environments.
  3. Installed as a Sitecore module.
  4. Part of Sidekick (An angular js container for Sitecore)
  5. Configurable options.
  6. Support multiple environments.
Tips and Tricks
  1. Make sure you remember to deploy to other environments before trying to use it.
  2. Make sure you set your secret to the same on all environment and to at least 32 characters.
  3. Existing item Ids are maintained.
  4. Syncs Have to run on hourly schedule.
  5. History is not maintained over App pool recycles
Some Pics.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sitecore 9- Forms - Step by Step details to create and configure a new page through experience editor and capture the data.

Webforms is a new feature introduced in Sitecore 9, it's the type of replacement of WFFM.

This section will cover below points.

1. Key benefits of Sitecore Forms.
2. Steps to create a new form.
3. Setup layout, rendering, and control to use the Experience editor.
4. Create a new page.
5. Capture user data
6. Followed by sample code.

Key benefits.

1. More dynamic UI to generate the forms.
2. Field level customization.
3. Track each field performance through goal and analytics.
4.  Lot of fields, lists, and security options are available.
5. Can be easily used through the Experience editor.
6. Can be extended or easily customized.
7. xConnect configuration - This is an important benefit, As the data can easily capture through the xConnect and that is going to be a leading or key areas in upcoming days.

Steps to create a new form.

Login into Sitecore and go to Form section.

Click on ad new form section

Design your form, Here single field and list option can be added easily.

All new forms can be found in the content tree node.

Setup layout, rendering, and control to use the Experience editor.

Create a new layout and there is a defualt rendering available for the webform, I have set up a test project here.

 Setup this layout on the content and choose the web form rendering.

Enable the placeholder settings, based on the project requirements.

Open content in experience editor and set up the form.

Publish the page and it will be available at the front end.

Capture user data 

Sitecore.ExperienceForms can be extended to write custom logic or any operations, I have added a sample code where this can be achieved.

Official document and reference:-

Reference video for this article -

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sitecore Symposium- Technical Boot camp and daily notes for four days.

I got a chance to attend this techie session, It was full of hand- on session.

Here are the key take aways points and learning.


1.  Continues session for 6:30 hours.
2.  Direct discussion with Sitecore product team and engineers who build the data integration capabilities.
3. In-depth technical product details.
4. Insigh into how sitecore aproaches data integration.
5. Best practies and tips and tricks to build the connectors.

Key Speakers - 

Session had started by Todd - He had explained an well organized example of a hotel and how a customer can get benefit of the connected environment, Very impressive talk to setup the background of it''s required to have a connected mechanishm and need to xConnect.

Some pics.

xConnect nicely explained by Alistair and Niels

Some pics.

DEF(DXF) - Data exchange framework explained by Adam Conn

Some key reference screen.

Finally, I got a chance to raise my all queries and got all anwers, After the session we also discussed in person some good topics.

Really a great session and worth it for me.

1.  Continues session for 6:30 hours.
2.  Direct discussion with Sitecore product team and engineers who build the data integration capabilities.


Day 2  had started with a great note - Drive your digital distiny.

The symposium opening keynotes stated had been started from 8:00 AM
Guest key note by Kenneth Cukier

Next technical session was related to Sitecore 9, Topics covered like what you can achieve with the new release, it explained well like "what" and "why"aligning to the needs from customers as well as digital marketers,merchandaizers and those with experience managment at the core of digital transformation.



Technical Deep dive SXA

SXA with Commerce.

The imperative of Brand Purpose in the experience economy.

 Day 3

I had completed second certification on Sitecore.

Fireside chat with Mark Hamill and Sitecore CMO Scott Anderson.

One of my favourite session for DevOps and best practices with # Jason st-Cyr, #Kam Figy , 
#Joseph Bisson and #Derek Hunzier

Finally party time, here are some selfies with mentors.

Day 4 - 19th Oct 2017Cloud computing and indepth details on Azure with Sitecore.

Sitecore Rul engline - Last Technical session for this event.

That's it , I would really say thanks to  #Sitecore and team for conducting such a great event.

Picture while leaving Las Vegas- The Mirage hotel

Here is an announcment for the next #Sitecore symposium 2018 to Orlando Florida.